Javajan. Use Whatsapp to do marketing

Whatsapp, the instant messaging application that has millions of active users, through third-party tools it is currently possible for brands to advertise their products and/or services through Whatsapp Marketing. That is why more and more brands are using this tool to send messages quickly and effectively to a segmented audience.

To be able to do Whatsapp Marketing is necessary the following:

  1. To have a good database

It is necessary to prepare a good database of the public to whom we will send the message, complying with the RGPD. This must be segmented (potential customers, current customers, suppliers, etc.) in order to know the target or audience to which we are addressing, and thus be able to get a good response from the customer.

2. Prepare the message

Once the database has been defined, it is necessary to prepare the message to be sent. The message should contain valuable information, and should not be oriented to sales but to establish a link with the user. To achieve this, you can offer experiences with original messages through images, videos or GITs. It is important not to saturate the user with too many messages.

3. Define the sending time

Finally, it is important to choose the best time to send messages to customers and, depending on the number of customers, it will be necessary to send more or fewer messages. To send these messages, if you have a large database, there are specific websites that can be of great help. It is essential to always have the customer’s prior consent before sending any message.  Otherwise, there are sanctions by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

4. Processing of user responses

The described tools also allow to automatically treat all Whatsapp messages that users send to the company: defining auto-replies, forwarding messages by mail, saving them in a database for future treatments,… To complete the wheel of the marketing campaign.

Here are 3 examples of brands that have already used Whatsapp Marketing.


The Toyota brand used Whatsapp to promote its range of hybrid vehicles. The action was called “Hybridize your Whatsapp”. In order to participate users had to change their Whatsapp status to the word “Hybridized” and at the same moment they were entered into a draw for 5 iPhones weekly after registering to the campaign website.


The Pringles brand used Whatsapp to get more direct contact with consumers and build loyalty. Pringles invited students to send a creative message to Mr. Pringles via Whatsapp using emoticons.

When Mr. Pringles received a message, the challenge was overcome within each candidate’s profile. The goal was for the candidates to achieve the “Pringles Graduate” and become brand ambassadors on social networks during the academic year in exchange for a salary of up to €1,000 per month. To do so, they had to overcome 5 mini challenges.


Heineken, through Whatsapp, sought in an innovative way to involve many people in its “Road to the Final” action. Fans had to send the word “Champions” on Heineken’s Whatsapp number, and were asked 5 trivia questions related to soccer. If they got all 5 questions right, they were entered into a draw for a trip.

Would you like to carry out a marketing campaign through Whatsapp? We encourage you and help you to carry it out to get closer to your customers in a different and original way.

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