Javajan. What is indexing in Google and how to do it?

Have you ever heard how important it is for a web page to be well indexed in Google?
Next, we explain what indexing is, what it is for, how to index a page and how to verify it.


What is indexing?
Indexing, in this case in Google, is the action in which Google’s crawling robots find our content, the web page and record it in their database. This allows that when a user searches for information, Google positions our pages in search results.

In short, when a user makes a query on the Internet, Google quickly scans its list of crawled sites (index) and shows in the search results only those web pages that it considers relevant.


What is Google crawling?
Tracking is the process in which the Googlebot goes from one website to another looking for new and updated information to report it to Google. That is, it “travels” through website links to collect new information.


How do we help index our website?

  • Constant update: it is advisable to update the web content with a good frequency, since this way we get used to the Google bot to crawl the web page on a daily basis.
  • Use internal links: it is important to have a superior menu of categories to facilitate tracking, in addition to using internal links within web content, since Google discovers new content by following internal or external links.
  • Use sitemaps to index the pages: a sitemap allows you to indicate to Google how often you change or add new content to the web so that it can update its index correctly.
  • Use good keywords: create a good study of keywords on the subject of the web to promote indexing. Choose the best keywords that define your website.


How to verify the indexing of the website?

  1. Using the search command site:
    Searching in Google, example, site:, allows you to get a general idea of ​​the pages that are in the Google index.
  2. Using Google Search Console
    It will show you with detailed information the pages of the website, to know which pages are indexed, which ones are not, and why.
  3. Using plugins by the browser
    There are different plugins that allow you to see which pages of the website are indexed in the Google search engine index.

Ultimately, the sites that create content more regularly are those that Google robots crawl and frequent the most, therefore, they are the content that will be indexed the fastest.

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