Javajan. 6 easy tricks to get the most out of Google Drive

Do you use Google Drive every day? You will be surprised when you learn these shortcuts, which will undoubtedly make you gain efficiency in your work.

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Since its appearance in 2012, Google Drive has become one of the main workspaces to store files of all kinds. This tool has become a favorite for work and study teams, due to its ability to share documents, modify them and save them in the cloud.

But over the years, the platform has been improving and adding shortcuts to make the user experience more practical and attractive. Below, we will reveal 6 easy tricks to help you get the most out of Google Drive.

  • I recommend that as you read this article, you try them all at the same time.

1# Use the search bar to locate files faster

Surely it happens to you that your Drive is full of documents and folders, between those on your drive and those you have shared. Therefore, to save time, Google Drive has placed a search bar at the top, where it will be enough to enter the name of the file.
There you will see the documents with that man, and in smaller letters below the folder to which it belongs.
But if you do not remember the name, you can also search by file type. Handy, isn’t it?

2# Color your folders to distinguish them better

Customizing folders with different colors has never been easier with Google Drive. Just right-click on the folder you want to modify, choose the “Change Color” option, and you can choose from a range of 24 colors ranging from pastels to bright. This can help you locate your folders more quickly at a glance.

3# You can still use Google Drive even if you are not connected to the Internet.

Another of the most important functionalities of this service is that it allows you to continue using the benefits of the platform without having to have a network connection. To do this, you have to go to the little configuration wheel that appears on the Google Drive home screen on the top right side, hit “settings”, “general”, and make sure that the item “Offline” is checked.Google Drive

4# Share files with whomever you want via links

The star solution of Google Drive, without a doubt, is to be able to share documents with whoever you want. Beyond giving permissions to different users so that they can view or edit a document through their email, you can also share the file link, and it can be viewed by “anyone with access to this link”, if you wish.

5# Google Drive allows you to convert images and PDFs to text documents

As you read this, please give it a try. It’s as simple as right-clicking on the file, hitting “Open with” and then “Google documents” and voilà! In a second you will have, for example, a JPG image converted into a text document. The same applies if you need to edit a PDF.

6# Online storage manager just like the conventional system on your PC

Over time, Google Drive has tried to mimic the management features of a computer, so if you need to move a particular document from one folder to another, you can simply drag and drop them by holding down the cursor.
Similarly, you can use specific commands to take advantage of your keyboard, such as ‘cut’, ‘copy’ or ‘paste’. In this way, we are faced with a very interesting option, which will allow us to be more effective when it comes to maintaining our cloud storage system.

What do you think of these tricks? Will you apply them from now on?



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