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Surely you have noticed that nowadays social networks are a key piece in the communication and marketing strategy of many companies. Although they require dedication and time, they offer a unique opportunity to build and promote our brand, reach a wider audience, interact with customers and increase the visibility of our products and services.

That’s why having a social media plan is so important, and the Kit Digital program knows this. That is why it includes a specific category dedicated to social media management. The objective is that your company can develop on a given social platform, over the course of a year, with a maximum budget of €2,500 to achieve it.

What does the Digital Kit’s Social Media solution include?

With the Social Media Plan of the Digital Kit, you will have a social media strategy that will be aligned with the mission and vision of your company, so that it is relevant and connects with your potential customers and builds the loyalty of those who already are.

The monitoring of your social networks will be periodic, to control the impacts of your actions and ensure that you are meeting the objectives of your strategy.

So, you don’t have to worry about managing your social media profiles, the Digitizing Agent you choose will be in charge of managing at least one of them, publishing between 4 and 5 posts per month. 

Redes Sociales Kit Digital

Obtaining the subsidy

If you have a company with 0 to 50 employees, there is still time to apply for your subsidy. In Javajan, as Digitalizing Agents, we are able to process the grant and then provide, once the Kit is approved, the digital solutions that each company needs. Take advantage of this opportunity! Write us at

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