Website for Gramavan

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  • March 2020
  • Ecommerce
  • Web development
  • Wordpress
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Website for Gramavan

Gramavan, is a company that serves the world of camping, caravanning and campering of vans. They are distributors of the best national and European brands in the sector.

The project that Javajan has developed has been the creation of the website for Gramavan.

The new website is made in WordPress, from a template selected and validated by the client. Within the web, there is an online store (woocommerce) where they sell all the products related to camping, caravanning and camperization of vans.

In addition, the page has a client area, where users can create an account and track their purchases, the history of purchases made on the web, the addresses saved for sending orders, among other aspects.

The website is made in 3 languages – Catalan, Spanish and English – and in a responsive format, so that it adapts to all mobile devices.