Web design for Vinzeo

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  • December 2019
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Web design for Vinzeo

Vinzeo is an expert wholesaler in computer products, consumer electronics, telephony and valuable services with the aim of being the best ally for manufacturers and customers in the technology sector.

As for the project that Javajan has developed, it has been a restyle of the website ( Therefore, we have designed the new website, making a structural study to adapt the website to current devices. From the study, a current, avant-garde and innovative design has been made.

In addition, it has also been thought to improve the visibility of the products to make them more attractive, and that is why the following has been carried out at the product distributor:

  • Improve the export icons of the products and the shopping cart.
  • Typography has been increased to improve readability.
  • The preview of images (thumbnails) has been increased.
  • Among other more aspects in design.