Viba Barcelona already has an App

  • Customer:
    Ayuntamiento de Barcelona
  • November 2018
  • App development
  • Ionic
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
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Viba Barcelona already has an App

At Javajan we have created and developed the Viba Barcelona web application. Therefore, customers can now register and start accumulating bonus euros at the businesses associated with the App.

The app is available for Android (Google Play) and iOs (App Store).

The web application consists of the following sections:

  • Buy: Allows the user to scan an establishment with a QR code and identify himself as a customer. The customer sees through the APP the amount of the sale, the % of bonus he receives and can decide to discount the previously accumulated balance.
  • Check the balance: Section where the user can check the available balance of the card. The euros and points accumulated in each establishment.
  • Establishments: List of all the businesses attached to the platform with their respective discounts. By accessing the store, you can call, view the location and/or send an email.
  • Map: From the map, you can see the location of the businesses where they have the card.
  • Promotions: List of promotions available with the card.
  • News: News section related to Viba Barcelona.
  • Information: Section where the user can see the information of the App.
  • Profile: Section where the client can register and consult their personal data and assigned cards. In addition there is also the option to choose the language.