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    Training Zone
  • January 2022
  • Web development
  • WooCommerce
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Training Zone Web Page

Training Zone ( is a training zone in Manlleu by Marta Capdevila where she performs various classes (Body Pump, Càrdio Tono, Step Tono, HBX Boxing and Circuit Funcional).

In this case, Javajan has created its website in WooCommerce, in an urgent two-week format. The following has been done on this website:

  • We have been created the website for booking and purchasing classes.
    • Monthly and quarterly class packs have been created for users to purchase.
    • To reserve these packs, a system of Reserve Coins has been devised to be able to reserve the classes of the center.
    • Class reservations are made through a set schedule.
  • A user area has been created, where the user can control their reservations.
  • A shop section has also been created to buy classy materials.

Finally, the website is in responsive format so that it can be adapted to all mobile devices.