Website and SEO for TJ Serra’s Company

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    Tj Serra
  • June 2023
  • SEO
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Website and SEO for TJ Serra’s Company

Javajan is excited to share with you two recent projects in which we have been involved for the same company.

T.J. Serra, is a family company in the textile sector founded in 1983, derived from the first pioneering weaving industries of the 60s and 70s. Today, the virtues that allow T.J. SERRA S.L. to continue fighting in the sector are governed by experience, rigour, flexibility and innovation. For this reason, Javajan would like to present ““, the new website developed thanks to the Digital Kit grant from the European Union “Next Generation” funds.

Javajan‘s technical team has been working rigorously on the organic positioning of this online shop, which offers a wide variety of products such as telescopes with all kinds of prints. They also have decoration, especially incidence in the manufacture and assembly of fireproof curtains. With a customized SEO strategy, we hope to improve the visibility of the site and generate more sales for TJ Serra.

It must be taken into account that SEO is a complex task, since there are several variables that influence the positioning of a website. That is why it is essential to have experienced professionals in this field. At Javajan, we are proud to say that we have a team specialised in this area, in charge of boosting the online presence of our clients.

The main objective of this project is to implement various strategies ranging from keyword research to content optimization and relevant link building. These tactics will significantly improve the visibility of in search results and increase organic traffic to their online shop.

Finally, we would like to mention that we are very grateful to be able to implement this project thanks to the Digital Kit grant. This program has been a great help for many companies, so we continue to invite more SMEs to apply for the Kit.