Raffle of an important brand via Whatsapp

  • Customer:
    Importante empresa
  • December 2018
  • Web development
  • PHP
Raffle of an important brand via Whatsapp

One of the latest projects done in Javajan has been the raffle for an important brand via Whatsapp.

Javajan’s task has been to create the system so that when users send the hashtag, the platform automatically sends an automated message back saying thanks.

It consisted of sending the hashtag #SORTEO or #PARTICIPAR, and depending on the bases, they agreed to the draw or not.

In the case of sending #SORTEO, the user received thanks for the participation and the guidelines to follow to enter the draw correctly (give the name and surname, attach an image of the purchase receipt, explain with whom you would like to share the prize and retype #PARTICIPAR).

Once the hashtag #PARTICIPARwas sent, the platform validated the message with the attached ticket. If it was valid, the user received the participation code and additional information. Otherwise, the user received a message where the proof of purchase was not valid together with the reasons for it.