Website for the Training Zone training center

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    Training Zone
  • September 2022
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Website for the Training Zone training center

In this opportunity, we present a web project for Training Zone.

It’s a site for the sales of packs and class reservations for the activities offered by the center. The mission of this site is to facilitate the organization process of the users, and that’s why you can also find the schedules and the activities guide.  

Site features:

  • The web design was based on a WordPress template with Woocomerce integration and booking and payment plugin.
  • The site was developed in a single language, Catalan. 
  • In the site, the customer can log in, check class schedules, and of course, book a place
  • It also has a store section, where customers can find sports accessories and buy them through the web. 
pagina web training zone malleu

Home of the Training Zone website


  • This website aims to be a sales channel, but also, a very useful and practical organizational tool, for the gym’s customers. Here they will be able to purchase packs, consult schedules, make class reservations and also receive a confirmation notice. 
  • Here the user will also be able to know in detail the different activities offered, learn about the qualities of each one, and also learn about the philosophy of the establishment

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