Web Page and LinkedIn Social Network Management for Gestorelló

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  • February 2023
  • Web design
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Web Page and LinkedIn Social Network Management for Gestorelló

This time we present a new project developed by Javajan and subsidized by the Digital Kit. It is a website for the construction company Gestorelló and the management of a social network, designed to improve the company’s online presence and increase its reach on LinkedIn for 12 months.

As for Gestorelló’s website, it has been created with the latest programming technology, which guarantees an optimal user experience and intuitive navigation. In addition, the page adapts to all mobile devices, allowing users to access it from anywhere and at any time.

On the other hand, Javajan has designed a complete content strategy to improve Gestorelló’s online and daily presence on the social network for companies and professionals LinkedIn. This includes actions such as the creation and publication of relevant content, especially works carried out, in video and graphic image format montages. All this with the aim of increasing the visibility of the construction company and strengthen its brand in the social network.

In short, this is the opportunity for Gestorelló to improve its online presence at 0 cost thanks to the Kit. They also have the possibility to publish jobs, contact new clients and other companies to make synergies.

If you have a company from 0 to 50 employees, you are still in time to apply for your grant. In Javajan, as Digitalizing Agents, we are able to process the aid and then provide, once the Digital Kit is approved, the digital solutions that each company needs. Take advantage of this opportunity! Write to us at

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