Palahi website development

  • Customer:
    Palahi Arts Gràfiques
  • February 2019
  • Digital marketing
  • Adwords strategy
  • Estrategia Adwords
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Palahi website development

Palahi Artes Gráficas, is a company dedicated to comprehensive graphic services located in Girona for many years. They combine a great experience acquired over the years with constant innovation, which is why they have been changing from the classic printing press to the service printing press that it has become.

The project that has been carried out is the following: creation of a landing page with the aim of obtaining Leads (potential clients) for hiring magnets with the WordPress content manager. To do so, some specific targets have been established, which are:

  • Private client who wants magnets for an event.
  • Companies that want magnets for promotional events, such as fairs, company anniversaries, product promotion, etc.
  • Entities that want imams, such as municipalities, associations, groups, etc.

In addition to the landing page, it has been proposed to improve the positioning in search engines and promote the product, therefore, an Adwords strategy has been carried out, with a study of keywords based on the objective targets to achieve quality visits to the website. landing and that they end up filling out the form.

To carry out this keyword study, 3 groups of ads have been created with 3 ads for each group to segment the targets well and monitor the results daily to optimize the CPC’s, new keywords, locations, etc.