New website for YesWeTicket

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  • November 2017
  • Web development
  • YesWeTicket
  • Laravel
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New website for YesWeTicket

YesWeTicket is a platform for the management, promotion and sale of events through a powerful and robust tool, which provides the contracting entity with a ticket sales/reservation platform, where users can carry out their purchase processes in an agile and secure manner. .

YesWeTicket is an internal project made in Javajan, and developed with Laravel, PHP.

The website consists of two languages ​​(Catalan and Spanish), a support section for users who need it, and a news section with current affairs related to the sector. In addition, it has a free demo, so that interested users can learn how it works.

Finally, it should be noted that the platform is already used by the following theatres: Teatre Cirviànum de Torelló, Torelló Mountain Fil, Teatre Eòlia, Teatre Riudons and Teatre Mollerussa.