New section of calls to the MacMobles website

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  • March 2018
  • Web development
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New section of calls to the MacMobles website

MacMobles has a large number of home furniture stores distributed throughout Catalonia. They make available to their customers a wide range of furniture of all categories and all kinds of decorative elements to create a space that fits the needs of each family.

The company has a single website that includes all physical stores. The project arises from the need to sell more from the website, so Javajan proposed an improvement.

The problem arose when the user wanted to contact the company by phone, but contacted the MacMobles headquarters directly, which caused calls to be redirected to the stores and that also caused many customers to abandon calls halfway.

The proposal was applying a section where the customer can enter their name, telephone, email and select the store where they want to be called or is closest to their location. Thus, by applying this improvement, meetings have been held with the MacMobles sales department, so that the stores, once they receive an email from a customer who needs information, contact them in less than 24 hours. This period has been established, since the longer it takes to call a customer, the further away the customer is so that they can buy a product.

This solution is intended to: have more direct communication with end customers, allows customers to be directed to specific stores, improve service and achieve more sales.