Microsite for the Vinzeo website

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  • May 2020
  • Web development
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Microsite for the Vinzeo website

Vinzeo is an expert wholesaler of computer products, consumer electronics, telephony and valuable services with the aim of being the best ally of manufacturers and customers in the technology sector.

In this case, Javajan has created and developed an Apple microsite integrated into Vinzeo’s own website.

The objective of this microsite is to integrate Apple products into Vinzeo’s online store, creating a visual environment with the brand’s image along with the list of its products, since Vinzeo is an Apple distributor.

In addition, other sections have been created such as a marketing and loyalty section, a CTO section, a recycling section with bonuses for returned devices and a final part of the outlet for products from last season.

Finally, we attach screenshots to see how the microsite has turned out: