Improvements in the Mercagest of Tarragona

  • Customer:
    Mercagest Tarragona
  • November 2022
  • App development
  • Custom website
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Improvements in the Mercagest of Tarragona

In Javajan, we work every day to promote the digitization of small businesses. From this fervent philosophy of revitalizing the commercial sector of the municipalities, Mercagest arises.

Marcagest is a digital platform that optimizes the management of non-sedentary sales markets of any locality. It allows managing several markets of the municipality, sharing the data and the history of the same, also the stops and the assigned holders, from a single application. 

This software is constantly evolving, to adapt to the new needs of users. In this case, we have made improvements to the Mercagest platform for the city of Tarragona. 

The project, which began a year ago, today already has the following updates underway:

  • From the Laravel framework version from 4.2 to 9, which implies above all improvements in how much to approach some sections and in terms of security.
  • The internal user management was modified by some design changes that have optimized the navigation experience. 
  • In addition, it includes a customized interactive map, fully adapted to each market, integrated in a touch interface and accessible from devices such as tablets or smartphones.

If you want to manage non-sedentary markets in your area, this is your chance. Find out about the plans and licenses on the website