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  • September 2021
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Marketplace for Reus

Marketplace is a platform where different stores can advertise their products, thus offering a range of options to the customer.

In this case, the Marketplace has been created, designed and programmed by Reus, which is a unique and singular project to promote the transformation of the city’s business model, adapting it to socioeconomic challenges. It is a model of online commerce and ecological distribution at home throughout the city, based on ESS principles and responsible consumption.

It is a very powerful tool for stores, and within the platform there are different sections.

  • It can be filtered by list of shops
    • Where all the attached stores appear with their logos, website and social networks available.
  • Can be purchased by product category
    • Where within the section all the shops that have available the products related to the category are shown, and later the product files of the trade.
  • Section ‘Sobre Reus Compra Responsable’, where the Reus Marketplace and its objective are explained in detail.
  • Wish Listsection where the user can mark the products they like the most as favorites.


When the user filters by the list of shops, it allows him to see all the Reus shops attached to the platform, in addition to the store file with information such as:

  • Informational banner.
  • Information about the store (hours, company description, address, social networks, website, reviews, etc.).
  • Contact form to contact the merchant.
  • Privacy, shipping and return policy.

Finally, they also have different payment methods, so that the user chooses the one that best suits him (payment in store, bank transfer or Pay Pal).

As a novelty, in this Reus Marketplace a delivery platform has been created in which different transport companies in the city of Reus have created a cooperative to be able to manage shipments from the platform, so that companies in Reus and surroundings can manage shipments .