Laravel website for Farmàcia Mallol

  • Customer:
    Farmàcia Mallol
  • November 2020
  • Laravel
  • Web development
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Laravel website for Farmàcia Mallol

Farmacia Mallol is the first pharmacy to be found within the Andorran territory. It was inaugurated on November 9 in 1990 and they are specialists in internal medicine, homeopathy and dermopharmacy.

Thanks to their wide network of suppliers, they have direct access to the products they sell in the countries of the European Union and the United States.

Farmacia Mallol has a website for the online sale of its products, which allows the management of pages connected to a pharmacy management system, where information on products, categories and orders is stored.

Javajan has developed the visible part of the Web, that is, its design, the management of the pages and the payment gateway, all adapted to the original management system, so that it works correctly, and meticulously personalized to the needs that the client has raised us.

The Farmacia Mallol website is made with the Laravel system.