Laravel website for Dr.Oetker

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  • February 2021
  • Laravel
  • Web development
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Laravel website for Dr.Oetker

Dr. Oetker occupies a leading position among brands in the German food industry and also on an international scale is included in the group of the most trusted brands of food products. This is the result of having managed this brand and served its customers and consumers frankly and sustainably for more than 100 years.

The project developed by Javajan has been the creation of the website for Dr.Oetker, made to measure with the Laravel system.

The brand’s new website is an informative and public website, but designed mainly by the brand’s commercials and distributors.

The website allows you to consult and auto-generate catalogs ( from the selection of the different products or recipes and consult all the available products. In addition, it offers the option of being able to contact the commercial in the area by searching for it by postal code, from the search engine.

Finally, the website has a support chat, where users can request information and it is in responsive format, so that it can be adapted to all mobile devices.