Web page for Bressol Petits School

  • Customer:
    Escola Bressol Petits
  • December 2022
  • Corporate web
  • Web development
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Web page for Bressol Petits School

In Javajan, we are very happy to share the results of the first project developed with the Digital Kit grant. It is a website for the Escola Bressol Petits. This is a project created through Laravel, includes a new website, design, blog, intranet for parents, reservation of visits and even pre-registration of students.

This site makes visible a great part of the work that is done in the institution, its educational values and also beautiful images of the facilities.

At the same time, the website has sections, as we mentioned before, that speed up the work of parents and administrative staff of the institution, it is a very useful place!

This project will be translated into three languages, Catalan, Spanish and English, and will be linked to the school’s official social networks, so that communication has no borders.

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