Emilio Sánchez Campus web improvements

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    Emilio Sanchez TENNIS & FRIENDS LLC Campus
  • April 2023
  • Web design
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Emilio Sánchez Campus web improvements

Enrolling in the Emilio Sanchez TENNIS & FRIENDS LLC campus has never been as easy and convenient as it is now!

At Javajan, we are expert programmers, and we are proud to have developed a technological solution that significantly improves the user experience when enrolling in the most exciting tennis campus in Barcelona.

What have we done to improve registration at the Emilio Sanchez Campus? Firstly, we focused on usability. We have designed a simple and intuitive interface that makes the registration process quick and easy to understand. You will no longer have to deal with endless and confusing forms, our system will guide you step by step so that you can enrol in a matter of minutes.

Emilio Sanchez TENNIS & FRIENDS LLC web

In addition, we have also improved the user experience, so we have built a very simple six-step guide, so you can be sure that the student’s enrollment has been completed successfully.

We have also added a new tab called Calendar, in the program administration, where for each program you will be able to relate more than one week to it. For each week you can also mark whether it will be visible in the calendar, whether there will be active registrations and under which name it will be displayed in the calendar.

And as the image rights of the students during the tournaments was an important issue to contemplate, we added another step directly in the registration, where the tutor can authorize or not the Image Assignment.

At Javajan, we bring value to our clients, and we believe that technology should serve to improve processes, and that is precisely what we have achieved with our solution on the Emilio Sanchez campus website.

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