Creation of an informative App for business trips

  • Customer:
    Business trips
  • April 2020
  • App development
  • Ionic
Creation of an informative App for business trips

This is a white label project.

The project that Javajan has developed has been the creation of an informative app for business trips.

These trips are for restricted users from a database, which checks if the client is authorized or not. Therefore, they are for a small group of people.

This app has a form section for all the necessary information that must be provided to the trip manager, such as ID, passport, health card, etc.

It also provides information on travel itineraries, accommodations, locations, addresses, telephone numbers, accommodation stars, among others. In addition, it includes places of interest and practical information such as the currency of the country, the time difference, the weather, the gastronomy, etc.

The app is created in Spanish.