Creation of a website for Bachiller

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  • June 2019
  • Corporate web
  • Web development
  • Wordpress
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  • Wordpress
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Creation of a website for Bachiller

Bachiller is an industrial engineering company specialized in the design and manufacture of process equipment and pressure vessels for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. It is a leading company in Europe, present in more than 35 countries to respond to any need at a global level. In addition, they take care of their business ethics and respect environmental values.

The project that Javajan has developed has been the creation of the website for Bachiller in WordPress from a template chosen jointly between the client and Javajan, adapted to the company’s image and that is prepared to have a good SEO positioning.

The website is in responsive format and in four languages: Spanish, English (by default), French and German.

The characteristics of this website that Javajan has developed have been:

  • Creation of specific post types for each product, to be customized
  • Access to products available through product category (equipment) or for product application (industries).
  • High quality and highly visual images.
  • Web usability has been worked on.
  • Improve the conversion of each product from a form.
    • Programming of a form in each product file, and that the company receives a message each time it is filled in and can find out from which product file the form has been filled out.