Creation of a multisite for A32 events

  • Customer:
    A32 Events
  • September 2020
  • Web development
  • multisite
  • Wordpress
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Creation of a multisite for A32 events

A32 events is a company created in 2004 by 31 classmates, after completing the master’s degree in Business Administration (Executive MBA) in the room 32 of the Barcelona business school, EADA. which is dedicated to organizing company events with an Olympic format, as well as organizing recreational and sports group activities “ad hoc”, adapting to the needs and particular requirements of each company or group, as explained very well on their website https: //


They contacted Javajan because they wanted to make a restyling of their website to consolidate a project that since 2004 has not stopped growing in participation and that silently demanded a more modern, practical and functional website.

The result has been a multisite website where users can easily navigate through the different organizational formats that they have proposed so far, starting from the corporate home page; Hotel Games, Salut Games and Jocs Interempreses.

Four websites in one with a modern, sober and dynamic design that makes browsing easy and pleasant.