Creation of a marketing strategy for Baquetes Artesanes

  • Customer:
    Baquetes Artesanes
  • November 2018
  • Digital marketing
  • Adwords strategy
  • Estrategia Adwords
  • Marketing strategy
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Creation of a marketing strategy for Baquetes Artesanes

Baquetes Artesanes -BAART- is a company formed by two brothers, which was born from the experience of knowing how to work with wood and offer a series of standard models that adapt to the style and way of playing of each person. They have been customizing drumsticks for different musicians and percussionists for a long time.

The marketing project that Javajan has carried out has been the following:

  • Realization of a marketing strategy, which weekly content has been created for the Facebook profile, to achieve interaction and active users to the profile.
  • Creation of an SEO strategy, to improve the presence of your new website (created in Javajan) in search engine results by performing the following tasks:
    • Introduction of metatags (titles, descriptions and keywords) in the main pages.
    • keyword research
    • SEO optimization
    • Review and update of the Url’s, to make them friendly.
  • Realization of a Google Adwords campaign, based on the study of keywords, to be able to choose the ones that best adapt and define the company.
    • Creation and configuration of the Adwords campaign
    • Definition of objectives
    • Keyword performance review (positive and negative)
    • Location management