Creation of a Blue Zone App in Manlleu

  • Customer:
    Manlleu Blue Zone
  • February 2019
  • App development
  • Ionic
  • Ionic
  • Laravel
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Creation of a Blue Zone App in Manlleu

The Manlleu Blue Zone mobile application is located within the MAB Manlleu App (Manlleu Associació de Botiguers). The purpose of this is to allow users to pay for Manlleu blue zone car parks.

The development of this project is as follows:

  • The Moneder App is created in Ionic
  • Backend of the application created in Laravel

Here is what can be found within the application:

  • Profile
    • Allows you to view the accumulated € Moneder
    • Enter a credit card to make payments
    • Enter the user’s car (model and registration)
  • Parking lot
    • Information on Manlleu blue zone parking hours
    • Select the following:
      • Dropdown to choose if we pay with € Moneder or with a credit card.
      • Select the parking area (blue, orange and green area) to be able to start parking.
        • Blue zone: the parking period must be started and ended manually.
        • Orange zone: gives you the option to pay € 1 per day.
        • Green zone: gives you the option to pay € 1 = week / or € 0.20 = 24H.
      • Select the car to park in order to start parking.
    • To pay it can be done from the credit card or with € Moneder (those that we have accumulated as Moneder clients).
  • History – Check the history of parking lots and fines.
  • Fines
    • Option to cancel the fine (time exceeded or lack of ticket) and explanation of the process to cancel it.