Javajan. PrestaShop warns of a security vulnerability

If you have an online store with PrestaShop, this news interests you. The company has recently reported a security vulnerability in its software that may affect your ecommerce code.

Fortunately, they have reacted quickly and there is already a patch that fixes this vulnerability. Due to that, if you have your store in PrestaShop, it’s important to update it with this patch as soon as possible.

However, this update only corrects the security vulnerability identified by the PrestaShop technical service. If your store has already been attacked, it does not guarantee that the security will be restored.

For this reason, we make these security recommendations:

  • Always keep your systems up to date so that stores stay safe from attacks. This means regularly updating both the PrestaShop platform and its modules, as well as the server environments.
  • If you think your store has been attacked, order a deep audit and, if necessary, a subsequent malware cleanup.
  • Remember that if you are a PrestaShop user, there is a Bug Bounty Program that rewards users who proactively detect and report security flaws.

At Javajan we offer the update service with the patch developed by PrestaShop. If you are interested, do not hesitate to write to us at for more information.

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