Javajan. New website for the Moneder loyalty platform

One of the latest projects that we have carried out in Javajan is the redesign of the website for the Moneder loyalty platform.

The new web page: has been made with WordPress, the CMS (Content Management System) most used today, although there is a part of the web programmed with php (Hypertext Preprocessor).

To redesign the new website, some technical requirements have been necessary, which have been to renew the image of Moneder, give the website a more modern and clean appearance, unify and organize the contents in a more understandable way for the user.

Thus, at first glance we see that the logo has been renewed, the imagotype has been redesigned, giving it a cleaner appearance. The logo can remind us of a coin that goes into a piggy bank, pocket or purse.


Logo Moneder

As for the redesign of the website, its appearance has been visually improved using highly customizable images, unifying fonts and facilitating navigation for the different sections of the website.

However, during the development of the new website, one of the problems that has been found has been to integrate a series of php content from the old website within the WordPress CMS. This content is the list of associates and promotions, which is linked to the Moneder APP, and we needed to transfer it to the new website. This problem has been solved by customizing the WordPress template and has allowed us to integrate it correctly.

Finally, the result is what can be seen by entering the website, and then the technician has made a total assessment of the project: “It has been a challenge to redesign the website of a consolidated platform such as In addition, the result has been satisfactory and I positively value the renewal of the new website.”




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