Javajan. Manage your customers is much easier with our CRM

In Javajan we developed a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), a computer application for customer relationship management. This tool allows you to monitor activities and draw conclusions with the data obtained, in order to improve the service offered.


What are the benefits of including our CRM for your company?

It allows you to have a more complete view of all your customers, since you will have all their current and future data in the same platform. 

In addition, you will be able to classify them according to any area you define. From here, you will be able to obtain very useful information that will help you to carry out marketing or sales campaigns aimed at a certain group.

On the other hand, the CRM allows you to plan an agenda and analyze every interaction that takes place between your company and your customers. Thanks to that, you’ll keep a record of every action, so it will help you communicate more effectively and improve sales.  

What are the service’s features?

  • The CRM is online, so it can be accessed from any device. 
  • You’ill be able to designate different roles for users and agents who, depending on the permissions granted, will be able to access different levels of management
  • It includes a list of customer contacts, where you can add detailed data for each one, including images, documents and links. 
  • You’ll obtain reports that will transform the stored data into valuable information for the company, such as metrics, KPI’s and statistics. 

Eligible with the “Digital Kit”

Currently, the CRM one of the solutions we provide as authorized digitalizing agents to manage the grants of the Digital Kit Program. This grant comes from the European funds “Next Generation EU” within the Recovery Plan Transformation and Resilience.

To apply for this grant or obtain more information, please contact us via email to, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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