Javajan. Inbound marketing: know the ideal strategy to attract customers

If you have a company and you are looking to increase your sales, Inbound Marketing could be of great help

Every day we receive an excess of information from technological devices that are inevitably part of our daily lives. By this we not only refer to news and interactions with other people on social networks, but also to advertising that “interrupts” us while we consume the content that really interests us.

But let’s get to the point… What is Inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a strategy that manages to attract customers with relevant and valuable content at each of the stages of the buyer’s journey, without harming the user experience as advertising does.

For example, if I have a business and I use social networks, knowing who my target audience is, I create content of interest aimed at this “buyer person, so they will be attracted, they will follow my networks, they will leave their email if we offer something free in return, you will be aware of the news, you will be tempted and finally buy my products or services.

Benefits of implementing Inbound Marketing

It is the companies that decide to implement Inbound Marketing that will have long-term benefits such as: increase qualified marketing contacts, increase registrations (leads), increase visits to the website and finally achieve higher conversions (sell more) .

Considering Inbound Marketing in your company’s sales strategy is giving you an adapted response to changes in purchasing processes in recent years.

With this methodology we will influence the decision process and the way in which people experience each of the purchasing phases, from the need for a product to contracting a service.

Through this advance, companies have the ability to deliver their products and services from an informative, educational or entertaining level at the optimal time, adapting to each situation and type of client, becoming a magnet for potential buyers.




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