Javajan. Marc Costa Soler, Commercial Coordinator

“Choose a job that you like and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

I define myself as a person with 100% versatility, both professionally and personally. I am addicted to travel and I dedicate all my free time to travel around the world, because I think that the cultural difference is the greatest wealth of our planet and I want to discover and grow knowing first hand everything that is different from me. My main hobbies are science fiction movies, illusionism, photography, new technologies, fashion and videogames. My motto is: I love life!

Specialties: public relations, marketing, sales, sales, commercial

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Tasques: Sales Coordinator

In Javajan I will be the first contact you will have, the first voice you will hear and the last person you will talk to in order to value our work. I will offer you our services, I will create custom budgets for you, proposing the best design that suits your corporate image, I will guide you throughout the initial process before carrying out your project and I will make proposals for improvement that will help you to enhance your business.


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