Javajan. New Google update to improve search results

Google has released ‘Spam Update 2021’ to end spam in search results, thanks to the latest update to the ranking algorithm.

With this update, Google wants to improve search results and prevent spam, as there are pages that want to trick the Google algorithm to improve their positioning, or directly perform illegal activities, and these pages are called webspam.
How to identify them?

  • They use misleading redirects to other web pages.
  • Pages that have no content or the content does not make any sense.
  • Hidden or invisible text on the website.
  • Pages that mimic other websites, impersonating a person.
  • Websites with false opinions.
  • Pages with the aim of obtaining data from users for illicit purposes.


Spam is a positioning strategy, where the website achieves positions in the rankings using links that do not meet Google’s quality requirements. That’s why Google has released ‘Spam Update 2021’ to determine which websites use inappropriate or illegal behavior and act on those actions.

Google encourages the creation of quality content on web pages, enhances the user experience, and stands out from the competition in search results in a fair and appropriate manner.

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